Selling a Physical Product (Ecom)
You have a great product. You have great branding. You even have some positive reviews. Yet the sales aren't coming in...

This is where we can help. 

Step 1: We analyze your product, its benefits and features.

Step 2: Using the research from Step 1 - We determine the best possible audience for your great product and the exact message they want to hear that will get them to buy.

Step 3: We create commercials around your product using the research from steps 1 and 2. These commercials are also specifically tailored for the Social Media platform they are being displayed on (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc..)

Step 4: We launch these commercials on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. and incorporate fundamental things like re-targeting campaigns. 

Step 5: Your product starts being sold and it's only the beginning.

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